How to Attach our DIY Flexible Nose Bridge

Hi and Thank you for your recent purchase. 

Below you will find the instructions on how to attach our flexible nose bridges.

Please Note: These nose bridge are completely optional and are not required for everyone. We have found the finish of the metal to be smooth enough to wear directly touching our faces, however it can also be installed inside the pocket so there is fabric in-between your face and the mask if you prefer.

We also note that due to the constant flexing over time they will likely wear out and need to be replaced. This is why we have included a number of extra nose bridges with your order. Extras are also available to purchase in packs of 10 should you need more.


To remove an old nose bridge, give it a light heat with an iron to warm up the metal and release the glue. Be careful the metal will be hot, caution recommended.


To attach a new nose bridge, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Prepare your iron to a medium high heat
  2. lay your mask flat on a solid iron proof surface. (We found a towel on a kitchen bench to work best.)
  3. Align you nose bridge to the top of the mask as per below example.
  4. Make sure that the glue side is facing down. (The glue side has a textured finish).
  5. Press directly down on the nose strip with the iron, using firm pressure for approximately 15-20 seconds. Don't move the iron too much as it may cause the nose strip to bend and not attached correctly.
  6. Leave to cool completely without moving the mask, this will ensure that the glue has time to cool and set.
  7. Once completely cold, you can then put the face mask on and adjust as needed.
  8. Congratulations, you are all done!!