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I'm Daniel the Chief Director of Nerdology here at Nerdstop.com.au and I would like to thank you for visiting today.

Nerdstop.com.au was started after a trip to my local "Big Retail" electronics store for something as simple as a screen protector or case for my Apple Watch. Not only did they not have what i was looking for, they didn't sell a single accessory for it that wasn't made by Apple.

Its important to remember at the point this happened, the Apple Watch has been available for over 3 years and was up to the 3rd Series and still not a single accessory was available. 

Im glad to say that I now stock both of these items in my store at the best prices around.

On my travels I have also found a number of other items, that i as a self professed technology nerd, think people would like just as much as I do. As such our store will always be updating and adding new items as we find them.

I suggest you head over and follow us on our socials to keep up to date with whats just been added and whats on special.

PS: If you have seen something on your travels that you think we should stock, please let me know and I will check with our sourcing partners to see what I can find.


Daniel - Director Of Nerdology


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