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NFC Digital Business Card/ Influencer Keychain

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NFC keychain perfect for business owners and Social Media Influencers to share their contact details while on the go.

Can also assist in lost keys being returned to you, with contact details attached to the keyring that are accessible when you tap an NFC enabled smart phone to the keychain. 

The keychain works by storing a digital URL/weblink on a microchip inside the keychain, that is passed on to the smartphone when tapped.

Keychain is about 8.5cm long overall (top to bottom) and the NFC disk is 3cm wide.

In terms of setting up your own page set up with your contact details to share from the keychain (if you don't have one already). We recommend looking at, They have a free tier and are Australian Owned. (Our LinkTree Page as an example:

We are happy to program any URL/weblink in to the NFC chip for you for free, or you can program it your self fairly simply, as long as you have an NFC enabled smartphone and the right apps.

When ordering pleas send us a message or put a note in the checkout with the link you'd like programmed. If we don't get a message with a link to add for you, we will automatically send you a blank device that will be ready you to program.